Solar Services

Welcome to NCES Solar, your trusted partner in solar solutions. Embrace sustainable living and enjoy significant savings on your energy bills with our expert solar installations. Join us in shaping a cleaner, brighter future for generations to come.

The Solar Process

Free Estimate: After answering some questions with a simple phone call, we will be able to provide an estimate based off of satellite imagery of your property. Although this estimate can be quite accurate, a site visit will be required prior to a detailed proposal.

We will be asking for your address, energy consumption, and current energy rate. During a site visit, we will confirm your existing electrical infrastructure and note any upgrades that may be required.

A visual roof inspection will also happen. If anything looks less than ideal, we would require a Professional Engineer to sign off on structural integrity before moving forward.

Proposal: The proposal will include pricing, as well as the system size, system components, and method of installation.

Commissioning/Turnover: This includes all required inspections to ensure compliance and functionality. At this point we will also walk you through any associated app and monitoring software so you can see your live system performance.

Once your Micro-Generation permit is accepted, your energy retailer will provide you with a bi-directional meter (provided you don’t already have one) so they can track your generation, and credit you accordingly.

Required Documentation

Electrical Permit: This will be provided by NCES. NCES will not perform solar work under a permit applied by a homeowner.

Micro-Generation Permit: This application will be completed by the homeowner. It allows your energy provider to track your generation and credit you accordingly.

Building Permit: This is only required in some circumstances.

Grant/Loan Application: Until March 2024, the $5000 federal government rebate is available. To apply for this, or for the green energy, no interest loan, you will need to have a pre-retrofit inspection completed. More information can be found here: Canada Greener Homes Grant

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